Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Meet Lando

Our big boy has not been sucking his fingers for months now and today we were finally able to follow through on our end of the bargain and get him a puppy (with the much appreciated help of MaMaw and PaPaw).Thanks MaMaw and PaPaw for the special delivery!

The first hug (or choke hold).

After throwing around a ton of names such as Tito, Tackles, Pat White (yes he seriously suggested naming the dog Pat White), a bunch of nonsense words, and Star Wars names: ChewBarka, Darth Vader, Darth Sidious, C3Po, and R2D2 we finally just had to limit Braylon to 3 names to choose from. Drew liked Victor, we both liked Amos (Amos is the dog in Drew's fav. children's book), and I liked Lando, which was in my opinion the best option from the Star Wars names Braylon had mentioned ...it reflects Bray's current Star Wars craze and sounds like a pretty cool dog name. At first Bray refused to pick. Then as we were taking the pup out for a walk he said "come on Lando"...so Lando it is. Lando settled right in. He seems to be a very smart, good dog. He did well on his walk tonight (he walked the whole loop around the neighborhood and did not pee until one step back into our yard...pretty cool coincidence or we just adopted the worlds smartest dog from the pound) then as soon as we brought him back in he laid down on his bed to sleep. Braylon wanted Lando to sleep with him but his Dad was very against that so he settled for bringing his pillow down and laying with the pup on his bed...he covered him up and Lando just laid there. Braylon read Lando a couple of bed time stories, told him the story of the Little Boy Who Cried Wolf (which has become his favorite), told him some ghost stories, then had to kiss him and tell him good night. The cutest thing...for those of you who haven't heard Drew and Bray's bed time routine it goes like this "I love you Braylon", "I love you Daddy", "Good night", "Good night", "Sleep well", "Sleep well", "You're my special little man", "You're my special little man too"... they have been doing this for as long as Bray could talk. Well anyway before Braylon could go to bed he said "I love you Lando, Good night, Sleep well, You're my special little dog." Too adorable! Then to top it all off, as I was tucking him in Braylon said "tomorrow I am going to tell Carson and Justin that I got a new dog and his name is Lando Calrissian and they will say Lando Calweessian and I will say no, Lando Calrissian!" I have a feeling you will be seeing a lot more of Lando in the future.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The gold and the blue

Braylon after a touch down...This is how I felt the whole game...finally some decent play calling!

Braylon BooBoo and Papaw

uhhhhhhhhhh...hoo, hoo, hoo....first down!

This is what I call our Mommy and Reluctant Me pic.

Star Wars: Return of the Zoo Animals

Braylon's obsession with Star Wars continues. The other night I went into his room to find this set up. Apparently, in Braylon's mind, zoo animals will be the mode of transportation in the next star war. To go along with Braylon starting to play more on his own and his very good imagination, Braylon's vocabulary is also developing. Earlier in the week when mom and dad were here with their puppy Maggie Blue, Braylon said, "I like Maggie, she's marvelous!" And yesterday before the game Bray set up his stuffed animals facing each other on teams and announced as he pointed to one team: "This team is impressive." He is such a nut...but I sure do love him...no one can bring a smile to my face like he can!

Monday, September 22, 2008

4th Annual Hanshaw Family Camping Trip

We had tons of fun camping with my Mom and Dad and D.J. and his family again this year. It is so beautiful at Camp Runaway...I love taking pictures there...here are a bunch (which is only a small sampling of all the pictures I took).
Caden, JoLee, Zack (Aryka's boyfriend), Aryka, Braylon, and Noah

Two little squirts!

Mom took us to her fishing spot. We didn't catch much but we had fun!

Braylon and his Dad

Braylon and Mama

Braylon and his MaMaw (and his worm)

Braylon and his MaMaw and PaPaw

Braylon and his PaPaw

Thursday, September 11, 2008

An even bigger big-boy bed

Braylon looked so big in his toddler bed, but look at my little man his first night in his big-boy-full-size bed...he looks so tiny. And of course his crazy, over-protective mama had to surround him with pillows so he wouldn't roll out, but in my defense, it would be quite a fall.
Here is his matching gentleman's chest, which is also huge!
Thanks Boo Boo and Papaw for the Amish-made furniture! It is so beautiful and so well made - it is something Braylon can cherish forever!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Memory Lane

There is a dirt road that goes along my grandparent's property. PaPaw Gene always called it The Lane. The only way to it is through the creek. All of us grandkids used to have a blast playing in the creek and in The Lane. PaPaw taught me how to ride my bike on The Lane. On nice days, after church, we would walk to MaMaw and PaPaw's house, through the creek and down The Lane.
A couple of months ago one of MaMaw's neighbors put up this sign. (Barwheel was PaPaw's nickname.)

The last time I was in Tipton, Braylon and his cousins Kayli and Kelsi (my cousin Kristy's girls) walked down The Lane and played in the creek. It sure did bring back memories.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Birthday Madness

Nearly everyone we know has a birthday the last week of August - the first week of September.

Happy Birthday to Braylon's cousin Joshua on August 26th.

Happy Birthday to my cousin Jennifer on August 27th.
(I don't have a picture of Jennifer on my computer.)

Happy Birthday to my mama on August 28th.
One more year till the big 5-0.
(look at my chubby little man the day after he was born)

Happy Birthday to Johnrad on August 30th.

Happy Birthday to my niece Aryka on August 30th.

Happy Birthday to my friend Nikki on September 4th (no picture of her either).

Happy Birthday to Paula yesterday, September 5th.
Check out our stackable boobs!
We are going to have to remember to leave a little space between us in future pictures Paula!

My PaPaw Gene would have been 76 yesterday. I miss him so much.
(PaPaw holding me when I was probably around a year old.)

And Happy Birthday today to Braylon's Papaw George!

We love you all!

Happy Birthday Grumpy Cat

Sabien turns 8 years old today. This picture was taken a day or two before we moved. I just think it is hilarious that Bray was this happy that Sabien was actually letting him pet him...although Sabien doesn't look nearly as thrilled. You would think that in three years the cats would be used to Braylon, but they both still hate him. And the thing that I don't understand, Braylon has never hurt them: not a single fur pull or tail tug...yet (as much as I hate to admit that anyone/thing could harbor such feelings toward my little boy) they despise him. Sometimes I overhear Sabien's kitty prayers and they sound like this: thank you for my dad and his unconditional adoration, please help with my kitty bulimia as I continue to puke up my food onto the carpet mere minutes after eating, please allow more moths to sneek into the house when the doors open, and please send that little blonde-haired, blue-eyed monster away.

Our new house

Finally...here are some pictures of our house.
The back yard.

The view from the front door.

The kitchen.

The living room.

The hall bathroom.

Spare bedroom.

Our bathroom.

We still have painting to do in our bedroom and Braylon's bedroom and I haven't taken any pics of the downstairs.