Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer Fun...For Braylon Anyway

When we opened our pool (after the cover coming off mid-way through winter and not being able to get it back on) it was a mess! We had been invaded by frogs! My mom has a rule at her house that if a frog is near her pool it dies a quick death. Neither Drew nor I really wanted to massacre all these frogs (we captured 7) so we decided to put them in Braylon's plastic frog "sanctuary".
The poor frogs soon began begging for a quick, merciful death! Braylon loved them! And surprisingly they lasted almost two weeks. Over time 5 escaped, the remaining 2 were not so lucky. After we were out of town weekend before last and then very busy last week, we found them dead and crusty in the "sanctuary".

But before their demise, if Bray was outside, he had the frogs in hand. Here he is running through the sprinkler...frog in fist.

Getting a good splash, frog in fist!

Taking a rest...frogs in fists.
Frogs and snails and puppy dog tails...that's what boys are made of!

Chef Braylon

Braylon loves to help me in the kitchen. He has been asking to make Rice Krispie Treats forever. We finally got to it a few weeks ago.
Here is possibly the rottenest little squirt in the world sneaking a bite of the butter we used to butter the pan. Please excuse the ugly purple night shirt Braylon is wearing in these pictures...he currently thinks wearing my "sleeping shirts" is really cool.

Melting the marshmallows was so tempting...

He had to take a quick taste.

Busted! (must have been good, check out that drool)

Oh, he just realized I was taking pictures of him...gotta stick that tongue out.

And now out the other side, for good measure.

Alright, back to business. Just like his Uncle D.J., in order for Bray to accomplish any task, he's got to have his tongue sticking out...that's how they focus. The Rice Krispie Treats were delicious! Everything Bray and I make together tastes so much better than what I make alone.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Braylon has always been into girls/women. But I was not prepared when he broke out the term "girlfriend" the other night. We received an email with some new pictures of our friends Jordan and Jadyn (this is Bray and Jordan above). I had Braylon to come look. He said, "that's Jordan, she's my girlfriend...I have lots of girlfriends." We talked about Lydia and Paige, then he said "And Carissa and Lindsey", two girls from the older class at preschool. I said they aren't your girlfriends, they're just friends, to which my little stinker replied: "Well, I am trying to teach them to be my girlfriends." Teach them! Oh, Bray.

This was Braylon's first kiss.

It is sad, but I can't remember exactly how old they were. Probably about a year and a half.

They were so adorable!

Spontaneous Cookout

One of my favorite things to do when we are at Mom and Dad's is the spontaneous cookout. Dad built this fire pit and all summer long, rather than cooking dinner on the stove, lots of evenings they'll decide to just roast some hotdogs over the fire.

Last time we were down Mom called from town to say she was bringing home the stuff to have hotdogs for dinner...I immediately thought-fire pit. Turns out that wasn't what Mom had planned, but at my suggestion we "broke out" the firepit for the first time this summer.

My superhero nephew Caden was there to guard us.

MaMaw Edith and PaPaw Otto had us down for the worlds yummiest breakfast on Saturday. Homemade white syrup with biscuits...you can't beat that. MaMaw of course had fried eggs, bacon, and fresh applesauce, which was also delicious, but for me the syrup is the main attraction. It was always my favorite at their house growing up and at almost 30 years old, they still spoil me by making it especially for me when they know I am in town. And may I just refer back to this picture and say what is up with Bray's smile? He is in this phase right now where we either get this smile or his tongue sticking out anytime we want a picture.

Oh, yes. There is the tongue in this picture with Uncle Ronald and Aunt Carol.

Love this one of Mom and JoLee!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

One More

I forgot this one somehow...and I love this one!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


What is it about 4 that makes kids feel like they are now so big, so grown-up? I remember when JoLee turned 4 everything was "I can do this, because I am 4 now" and even when Reanna was 4 I remember her classic "I'm 4, ya know" response to everything. Well, Braylon is no exception. At 38 pounds and 40 and 1/4 inches tall he now thinks he is about as big as you can get. All day his Birthday party day, and everyday since, it has been "I don't need help, I'm 4" or "She can't do that, she is a baby, but I can because I'm 4", etc. In addition to his new grown-up attitude, Bray is making us laugh daily with his ever growing vocabulary and imagination. This evening he reported that he takes his naps at "high-noon". And then while playing with his farm animals he reported that "the baby pig was nudging its mama." There have been countless little phrases or words that have made us giggle lately and also some temper tantrums that have had us at our wits end. But overall I see my baby growing up before my eyes and testing limits, trying to figure out exactly who he is. Braylon, I just hope that we have the ability to give you the guidance you need at this stage in your life...as it has been with every age so far, it feels like this is such an important time in shaping the kind of person you are going to turn out to be. I ask daily for wisdom and patience. But know that you always have our unconditional love.

A New Tradition...

Second Annual Birthday Bowling. Again, like last year Bray's birthday party was not on his actual birthday. We asked him what he wanted to do to celebrate and he said "bowling" so I guess this has become a tradition. Check out the pictures from last year. I can't believe how much more grown up he looks. Braylon is definitely a creature of habit. If he does something once, he remembers regardless of how much time has passed. Like last year he had to use a pink ball. And notice the last picture...he had to lay on the shoe shelf when we finished our game, just like last year.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

After the Party, Its the After Party

As usual, I didn't get any pictures of the three of us during Bray's party, so that evening just before I crashed, I had Dad to take a our family picture.

Then Braylon wanted to take pictures of his Mama and Daddy.
Am I seriously going to let other people see these pictures?...Apparently so. Braylon, as you say, we are a kooky family. But we hope you grow up loving life, laughing often, living each day to the fullest, and knowing that your Mama and Daddy love you unconditionally.
Happy 4th Birthday Little...I mean Big...Man!
In this one, our talented photographer instructed us to "be mooses."
Then last thing that night Braylon had to go out and check the baby chicks one more time. Did I mention that since Bray conned Dad into bringing baby chicks to his farm party last year, he now thinks that he needs baby chicks at every birthday party...and of course Dad agrees...that's what Papaws are for.
These baby chicks were a little too grown-up for my liking...too many real feathers and not enough fluff...this picture makes me a little sick actually.

More of the Birthday Bash

I did manage to get some pictures of some of the adults at the party too:Bray with the Mark, Paula, and Lydia.

BooBoo and Papaw.MaMaw and PaPaw...helping Bray check out all his new toys after the party was over.

My little brother. I was so excited he finally got his butt up to see our place.

Aunt Kandy and Sabrina and their new puppy.

Braylon and his Auntie April. April has a new puppy too...dear, sweet Rigby. But although I have taken tons of pictures of her with April's camera and even a few with Mom's camera, I have yet to get any on my own. Trust me though, she is adorable. Braylon is still trying to persuade April to name Rigby "Shine" instead.

Drew had to man the grill but there were enough other men drawn to the grill to keep him company. I missed some people. I wish I would have been able to get everybody...maybe at the next event.

4th Birthday Bash

To culminate our incredibly busy holiday weekend, we celebrated Braylon's 4th Birthday on Monday, May 25th. He had a Star Wars party this year. It was cute...and Braylon loved it...that's what is important. And we felt so blessed to have so many of our family and friends show up to our house to make Bray's day so special. Thank you all!Robin of course made the "cool Star Wars" (R2-D2) cake, which as usual, was delicious.

We also had pina colada cake complete with a Darth Vader helmet.

And Mississippi Mud cake with this Darth Vader light saber candle. (Bray took this candle to school on his actual birthday the following day and they put it on his cupcake and let him blow it out.)
The kids decorated stars.

And I tried to make sure I got pictures of everyone...Well, at least all the kids. I love each and everyone of you grown ups too, but lets face it, the kids are just so much cuter.
I think we all know who this guy is.


Lydia...who is getting to be almost as difficult to get a picture of as Braylon is. I had to do the trick and surprise to get this one. So worth the effort though, she is such a cutie!




Caden and Kayli. Don't these two look like they could be brother and sister? They are definitely best buddies. And they pose like pros.

Noah and Aryka.
As if the fact that I am turning 30 this year doesn't make me feel old enough, I have a nephew and niece who look like this. When I am around them I have to fight the urge to say "old people" things that start with "I remember when you were..."
Last year it was the musical Star Wars card that April got him. This year, this dalmatian from my Aunt Kandy and family, was Bray's thing. It was the first gift he opened and he refused to put it down the whole time he was opening the rest of his gifts.

D.J. and Jeni and kids got Bray this beach outfit, which he looked so cute in. He wore it out to play in the sprinkler. I got video, but no pictures of the sprinkler. The kids were so cute and they seemed to really enjoy running around in the water. Sometimes the simplest things in life are the most fun. We can't wait to get the pool opened up and get to play with all the fun things Lydia and Paige got Bray for the pool.