Saturday, September 25, 2010

Campfire Fun!

We only got one campfire cookout in at MaMaw and PaPaw's this summer. But Braylon made the best of it. He was in a silly mood, actually we all were. It was really dark when all of these pictures were taken so you didn't know what you were getting until you took the picture and then viewed it on the camera....

They turned out pretty hilarious!

Friday, September 10, 2010

First Day of Kindergarten

Braylon was so excited to be starting Kindergarten.

Waiting for the bus.
As excited as he was, when the bus pulled in he got real scared. He cried and clung to my leg and even started shaking. But with a little coaxing, he got on. What broke my heart, was when he got to the top step and turned around to wave. With tears running down his cheeks he let out one last Maaaaammmma! I didn't want to let him see me cry so I held it together until the bus doors shut, then I cried. And then I thought about him all day and cried some more. But when he got off the bus at the end of the day, he was all smiles. He loves it!

Mommy/Braylon Days, Day One.

The first day Braylon and I spent together before he started Kindergarten, we took Lando to the dog park and went on a scavenger hunt. The night before, Bray and I made a list of things he wanted to find on his scavenger hunt, it was as follows:
  1. Bear fur
  2. Deer fur
  3. Deer antlers
  4. Snake skin
  5. A dead chipmunk
While there Braylon said, "you know what would be cool?...if we found a squirrelmunk...with the body of a squirrel and the face of a chipmunk!" We didn't find any of these things so we took Lando back home, met April for lunch, and then went to the park.

After the park we went to the open house at Bray's school. Notice the one glove Bray is wearing below...he insisted on wearing it in to meet his teachers. I was wearing a ring that Braylon made for me out of curling ribbon. We looked fabulous...I am sure that his teachers could not wait for their school year with us to begin!
Since we had no luck at the park, we went on a hike/scavenger hunt on the trail out at Prickett's Fort.
We didn't find the items Bray wanted, but we did find a few treasures.

We made it back to the car just as it started to rain. We hung out in the back and played with some of Bray's toy animals. He thought it was so fun and wants to play in the back of the Honda all the time now...even when we are at home.
I love this kid more than I can put into words! He is making me so proud at Kindergarten. I knew he would do fine, but I didn't expect him to love it as much as he does! He is always so happy about his day when he gets home and not once (so far) has he complained in the mornings about having to go. And even more surprising, from what I have been told, his behavior has been wonderful, although he is apparently a bit of a social butterfly!

Mommy/Braylon Days!

I took the two days before Kindergarten off to spend with my little man. We had a blast! These pictures are from day two. We also spent almost 3 hours at the indoor playground at the Morgantown Mall...Braylon loves that place. I took a book and just let him play as long as he wanted to. After three hours he wasn't finished, but we had to get home to pick up Spider Pig!

At the Geological Museum in Morgantown.

Fossilized tree stump found in a WV coal mine.

Dinosaur skeleton found by a WV crew in North Dakota.

Bray took this pic of me...he is a pretty good photographer.