Sunday, June 6, 2010

5th Birthday

We had his preschool graduation that evening so we didn't have much time. I opted for one of my favorite birthday traditions when I was growing with a candle! We took him to Valley Worlds of Fun the day before and he had a blast, but I did not remember to take my camera.

Preschool Graduation, May 26, 2010

The Graduate!

This was not just the part where he held up his sign (for that second he held it high above his head), this is how he held it throughout the performance, covering up his shy little face.

Again during the next song.

Now he did play the guitar where he was supposed to, but as soon as that part was over he even put the guitar in front of his face.

Getting his "diploma". Even though he did hide his face for much of the performance, he knew all the words and signs for the songs and did a wonderful job. We are so proud of our little graduate!

New Do!

What makes you go from this hair...
To this hair?

This hair!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Five For Friday

1. I can not believe that my little man is 5 years old!
2. He went in for his yearly physical on Tuesday and got his "Kindergarten shots" more vaccinations until his teens!
3. He is 41 pounds and almost 44 inches tall (that is just 4 inches shy of 4 feet!).
4. This past year he has become a thief, pocketing small toys from preschool and screws/washers from hardware stores...just yesterday he had to return an item to a local hardware store and apologize for stealing.
5. This past year he has also become so smart and creative and independent! He has become more outgoing/less shy. And somehow he has made me love him even more!