Saturday, August 29, 2009

Camp Runaway 2009

We had our 5th annual family camping trip in July this year because Mom and Dad are about to head out on a month long trip out west and will not be around the whole month of September. I have been so busy and such a bad blogger. I am so far behind, but there are so many fun things, I hate to just skip them all together. Hopefully, I'll get caught up...someday.
The whole Grandkid crew.

I love this one of this ornery bunch.

Braylon of course caught himself some frogs while he was there. Funny story: Since starting preschool, Bray has picked up a few words/phrases we would rather he not say, one of them being "poopy-head". After many attempts at redirection we finally just had to employ a if- you- say- it, you- go- to- timeout- rule. And for the most part the poopy-head calling stopped. But while at camp Braylon woke me one morning to show me that he had caught a new frog. He had the original in one hand and the new in the other. I said, "you named the other one Hoppy, what are you going to name your new frog?" Mr. Smarty-Pants replied, "actually, he named himself...he named himself Poopy-head, so I just have to call him that." Oh, what a stinker!

Two little stinkers...but they sure are cute!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Charlie Murphy

Braylon has a new love. Meet Charlie Murphy. Braylon first met Charlie Murphy when my coworker Angie had us over to her house for a party. For Braylon and Charlie Murphy, I think it was love at first sight. They played all evening- a pretty equal match for one another's energy level. A couple of weeks ago after school Braylon cried to go back over to Angie and Jeff's house to play with Charlie Murphy. I told him that we could not just go over, that we had to have an invitation first. When I shared this story with Angie, she was gracious enough to allow Charlie Murphy to send Braylon (and his family) an invitation to come over for dinner and a play date. Braylon had a blast...actually we all did...good company, great food, and a little boy and a dog cuddling in a can't top that!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Dental Superstar!

Back in June, not long after he turned 4, we took Braylon to the dentist for the first time. He got a good report of "very clean, healthy teeth, with wonderful spacing!" I was very happy and proud. Especially of with how Braylon behaved while he was there. Being terrified of the dentist and hating anything having to do with teeth myself, I was shocked by how excited Braylon was about his visit. He did everything they asked as they cleaned his teeth and took x-rays, without a bit of fear. The only "issue" we had was that he would not quit pestering the hygienist about when the dentist was going to come check him. He could not wait to meet Dr. Sees. After it was all over they snapped this picture of him, which I thought was just to stick in his chart or something, but they actually had it made into a mouse pad and mailed to us. Pretty cool! I smile every time I sit at the totally cracks me up.