Wednesday, May 28, 2008

3 Year Check Up

Well, its official. I have a three year old. Braylon had his check up and his last shot before school shots today. He weighs 32.5 pounds and is 37.75 inches tall. Both of which, I was surprised to learn, are above average for his age...not at the top of the percentile, but above 5oth. He has gained 7 pounds and grew 4 inches since his 2-year check up. Braylon really impressed them at his eye exam, where they were able to use the letter chart rather than the picture chart they usually use for young children. He identified all the letters correctly and passed the eye exam with flying colors. But then, my son, who has been jumping practically since he could walk, pretended like he couldn't jump when they asked him to. He did tell Dr. Mulpuru that he wanted to "be a doctor when he grew up so he could doctor girls." I also found out that now that he is three, he should be dressing himself. So I told Drew that that would be a good thing for them to work on this summer while they were home together. Braylon can put his own clothes on and take them off (he's real good at the taking off part), but we usually just do it for him...Its so much quicker. I guess this is just another step away from baby and toward little boy. I barely have any "baby" left. No doctor appointment pictures, but I do have more Birthday party pictures that Mark and Paula and John and Stephanie passed along to me. They got a lot of pictures that I didn't.
The animals on Ol' MacBraylon's farm.
Playing Duck, Duck, Goose
The Farmer in the Dell.
Lydia showing off her pretty painted toes.
Braylon and Paige hanging out in the wagon. Paige had her 1st Birthday the following day.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Birthday Bowling

Since Braylon's birthday party was on Saturday, we wanted to do something fun today to recognize his actual birthday. Braylon loves bowling so I threw it out as an idea of something to do and Braylon latched onto it. So after giving him the morning to play with his birthday presents (we had been so busy he hadn't really had time to check out all of his gifts), we went bowling this afternoon.
Braylon was excited that he got to wear bowling shoes.

Picking out the perfect, pink bowling ball.
Doesn't he look like a pro!

Setting up.

With a little assistance he beat my score both games!

Watching the ball go.


Braylon loves bowling so much that several times while we were playing, he hugged the bowling balls. He also kissed them a couple of times but I never caught that with the camera.
We were having such a good time, we decided to play a second game, but half way through he got tired of it and got a little bored.

The Birthday Boy and his Dad. What cuties!
Usually I think Bray looks just like his Dad, but looking at this picture I think we look pretty similar, except for the eyes, those eyes are definitely his Daddy's.

Ol' MacBraylon had a Farm...Party

Braylon turns 3 years old today.

We had a big birthday bash at our house on Saturday.

We had a farm party, complete with real baby chicks complements of PaPaw David's farm. Braylon named them "One" and "Peep".
The kids loved them!
JoLee and One

Lydia and Peep

JoLee and Bray checking out the chicks

Paige isn't too sure she wants to pet Peep
We also had a lot of farm-themed food (pigs-in-a-blanket, chicken nuggets, corn-on-the-cob, sausage balls, horseshoe-shaped bread sticks, watermelon, cantaloupe, a beautiful farm cake by Robin, cow tails, and Cadbury eggs).

The kids and I enjoyed some farm-themed games (Old MacDonald sing-along, the Farmer in the Dell, and Duck, Duck, Goose).

2 little pigs...Kelsi and JoLee
And we all enjoyed visiting with lots of family and friends.
Braylon and his Great-Grandma Helen aka "MaMaw Bug"

Mark, Lydia, JoLee, Mom, and my mom-in-law Doris (Paula and Aunt Cecil had another party to go to but we were glad they were able to stop by for a minute).

Dad-in-law George, Drew, and Dad with their mouths full.

We were glad to have the Walls: Tim, April, and Anna in attendance. I think they were happy to be there, though you can't tell from this picture. (Sorry I caught you by surprise guys.)

JoLee and Braylon showing off their winking skills.

Braylon's friend Lydia munching on some party food.

Braylon's cousin Kayli

Braylon and his cousin Kelsi in the strawberry patch.

Braylon's friend Paige and her Mommy Stephanie

Braylon, of course, made out like a bandit when it came to presents. In Braylon's eyes the hit of the party was April's musical Darth Vader card.

Braylon and Boo Boo playing with his Star Wars action figures.

Thanks again to everyone for the gifts and for coming and sharing Braylon's special day with us. It was farm-tastic!

Monday, May 12, 2008

More Mother's Day Pictures...Just showing off my family

Braylon and JoLee fight quite a bit, but they sure do love each other.

I might be a little bit partial, but isn't my brother a cutie! And he is a good Dad.

Braylon's Great-Grandmas on Mother's Day.

Are all males born this way?

As I have said before, Braylon loves women. Sometimes I wonder, how a not even three year old comes up with some of the stuff he comes up with. For the past probably three months, when he is at Mom and Dad's house Braylon has taken to playing with JoLee's Barbies. But he doesn't play with them like JoLee does. He likes to take the Barbies' clothes off. We know that he knows that what he is doing is ornery because he always goes and hides. I would try to say that he just likes changing their clothes and it has nothing to do with seeing a naked female body, but miraculously the Ken doll always stays in the case and always stays completely clothed. Tinkerbell, his first love, had better watch out: he carried this naked Barbie around most of the weekend.

Mother's Day Weekend

We had a great Mother's Day weekend. Saturday night my father-in-law took us all (Doris, Myself, Drew, Braylon, Mom, Dad, Caden,and JoLee) out to eat at the Feed Box. After dinner we walked around and looked at the animals. Braylon's favorite were the tigers.
My handsome nephew, Caden. He has taken a growth spurt this past year!
Braylon, JoLee, and Caden had a blast.
Here is JoLee showing the latest thing her and Mom have come up with to tease Dad.
She says this is how much she loves MaMaw.
And this is how much she loves PaPaw.
We all say it all the time, Poor PaPaw!
Our Mother's Day picture.
In addition to the yummy food and the mini-zoo, we all enjoyed a beautiful sunset. If you have never been to the Feed Box, I recommend it. It is so peaceful and beautiful out there.
Sunday, the weather did not cooperate and our cookout turned into a cook-in. But most of the family was there and we had a great time.
Me, Mom, and Braylon.

Andrew, his mom, and Braylon

Monday, May 5, 2008

First Day of School

Well today was my first day of work and
Braylon's first day of preschool.

Doesn't he look so grown up?

He was very excited to go to school this morning.
I had to wake him up to get ready, but he was all smiles. And he had a good day.

This is how I found the boys when I got home.
They were both worn out after a long day at school.