Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Busy, Busy Bee-killer!

Braylon has a new hobby. He is in love with killing little bumble bees. He spent over an hour in the yard this evening finding and killing these things.
A few comments:

1. I hate bees, but about 22 dead bees into it, as Braylon continued to stalk the clover blossoms, I kind of started to feel sorry for them.

2. I was always terrified of bees (actually I still am)...In true Braylon fashion he is not at all scared of them.

3. So far this Summer Bray has been bee stung 4 times- twice at school, playing on the playground and twice while on his bee-killing adventures....and he still is not one bit afraid of them.

It's A Boy Thing!

It is no secret that my son is a hoarder. He has a "treasure" drawer in his night stand where he stores his valuables such as balls of lint, popsicle sticks, rocks, feathers, gum wrappers, price tags, etc. But my most recent discovery (pictured above) topped them all. At some point-I have no clue when-Braylon sneaked into the kitchen, got himself a zip-lock bag, returned to the yard and filled it with deer poop, then proceeded to store the poop next to his bed for who knows how long! How do you respond to such a thing?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Father's Day 2010

We had a great Father's Day weekend with both of our fathers, but I didn't get any pictures. Once we returned home, I did get to snag a few pictures of Braylon and his Daddy in the pool that evening. Braylon is so lucky-he has a wonderful daddy! Braylon's daddy has been away at a conference for a week. Bray has been missing him like crazy. On Monday, the first day he was away, Braylon told me on the way home from school: "Well, I told everyone that my daddy is going to be gone for a long time...longer than 20 days." Five days feels like 20 when you are five years old and you miss your daddy terribly!