Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Random Fun

This year was our last year at the Christmas tree farm...the real tree seems to be making us sick and we keep having issues with them falling over, so after Christmas we got an artificial tree for next year...it makes me sad...we love going to pick out our real tree.

Mountaineer gal.

Riding the horses at the Black Walnut Festival in Spencer.

Pappy spotting us in the parade crowd. Pappy and other Vietnam Vets. were the Grand Marshals of the parade. The 2010 Black Walnut Festival brought the traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall...it was really nice.

Boo Boo and Bray

Painting. I have tried to chalk up Braylon's orneriness to chance and the fact that he is a boy, but as you can see from this picture L is just as rotten...could it have anything to do with their parents...surely not.

Riding a real pony at PaPaw's.

More Halloween, The Adults

April and Miss L

Shaggy (Mark), Scooby Doo (Lydia), and Daphne (Paula)
They were so cute!

Andy scared several children.

Anna Nicole Smith and J. Howard Marshall at Jeff and Angie's
"Infamous Dead Couples" Halloween party.

Halloween 2010

It has been forever and I have loads of pictures since my last post. But in an attempt to get back into this without feeling overwhelmed, I am just going to hit the high spots until I get caught up.

Braylon, a ninja and Lydia (Scooby Doo)

Braylon and Miss L carving their pumpkins.

Braylon got into my Anna Nicole Smith lipstick.

This cracks me up!

L liked the pumpkins, but let her brother handle all the guts.

Our pretty, pink piggy.