Sunday, May 23, 2010


Let the Torture Begin...

Meet Frogger McFrogamus.

He is the poor little guy that Braylon heard and then caught by our pool last night. Bray woke at 7:00 this morning, immediately put on clothes and begged, "can I go outside and play with my frog?" Besides a short break for breakfast, he has played with this frog all day.

Friday, May 7, 2010


...thats one way to describe my boy!
Wednesday evening before bed Braylon wanted a snack. So we went into the kitchen on the hunt for something healthy. After I pointed out several options, Braylon put his hand to his chin, thought, then said, "no, I want something unique." What he settled on: Brie and crackers!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Things That Make Me Go: hee hee hee

(Braylon showing me his seaweed at the beach. He collected more seaweed than seashells!)

When Braylon takes a bath, it is a process. First we have to pick out which plastic toy animals are going to join him in the tub. Then he plays. After about 15-20 minutes, I come in to wash him up. Usually we start with his face and body then wash his hair because that is his least favorite thing and he usually wants to put it off till last. The other night when I came in he said: "Lets wash my hair first. Lets get out of the swing of things for tonight, then tomorrow we'll get back in the swing of things." He cracks me up!

I have been meaning to post on here forever about some words that Braylon uses often, but just doesn't pronounce just right. I can only think of a couple right now, but if I come up with more later, I will add them...because I know there are more than just these two:
Igrupt/Igrupting= Interrupt/Interrupting
ex.: "Dad quit igrupting me, I was talking to Mom first!"
Meatiac= Maniac
ex.: "Did you see that meatiac on that motorcycle?"

He is so hilarious. I wish I could think of some more.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Silly Boy/Haircut

Finally got that hair trimmed out of his eyes...had to bribe him with strawberries and cream. He looked so handsome I had to take a picture, then he decided to be silly.

I love this kid!

Smiling Mornings!

I used to think no baby could be as happy in the mornings as Braylon was...until the SpiderPig came along. Every morning when I open the door to her room, her head pops up and she gives me the kind of smile that just melts my heart!

Most mornings she is content to talk and coo and play for a little while before she feels the need to call out "Mama" and/or start getting a little fussy.

If Braylon wakes up, he is not content for her to stay in her room to play for awhile...he thinks I should get her out immediately...if I don't, he joins her in her crib! And this picture shows the very smile I am blessed to see every morning...I hope it is for the rest of our lives.

Play Date with Paige

The 'Rads came over Saturday evening for a play date. Although Braylon was tired and a little cranky, we had a wonderful evening. These two just crack me up!

Can't wait until this little gal (isn't she so sweet) and our SpiderPig get big enough to play together!

Grandparent's Tea

Braylon is blessed to have wonderful grandparents who traveled two hours to come for Grandparent's Tea at his preschool on April 30th.

After tea Braylon wanted to take them to the Poky Dot to eat and then we went to Pappy's favorite place, Dairy Cream Corner, for dessert.

Later that night Braylon gave us a rockin' performance, which I am sure made their two hour drive all worth the while.

Bubble Bath

Braylon gets to enjoy my jacuzzi tub way more than I do!

We let him have a few bubbles!

If you look up Ragamuffin in the dictionary...

these are the pictures you would see.

I call Braylon a Ragamuffin or tell him he is "looking a little ragamuffin", quite often. I have realized that some of my "northern" friends are not familiar with this term, so I thought I would post this illustrative definition.

A Visit From Pappy

A couple of weeks ago, Pappy came up to stay with us before his appointment at the VA. He played outside with Braylon for a long time. After coming in to rest for about 3 seconds, Braylon was ready to go back out. It was getting cool and dark. Pappy told him that he couldn't go back out because he didn't have any warm clothes. Braylon found him a scarf and a hat. When Pappy complained that he still couldn't go out because his ears would get cold, Braylon found a solution for that issue as well.

Easter 2010

My babies!

Family photo during the egg hunt at MaMaw Helen's.

What a group. I hate that JoLee and Caden were not in it, but I had to take this before they arrived because these kids were all ready to get changed out of their fancy clothes.

The egg hunt at church.

Kindergarten Registration

I can not believe my little man is going to be starting Kindergarten this fall.