Monday, June 23, 2008

Auntie April

Saturday was our 5th Anniversary. April volunteered (or maybe I volunteered her) to babysit. Andrew and I enjoyed the opportunity to have a date and Braylon loved getting spoiled by his Auntie April. April took Braylon to the park, where he played in the creek with sticks.

Then she took him to Barnes and Noble where she bought him a book and a little stuffed duckling and April reports Bray talked to everyone. After that they went to Block Buster, where Braylon picked out the same Lilo and Stitch movie that he has watched about 4 billion times on DVR. Once back to her place they made me and Drew a beautiful and tasty cake. Check out that cake...April has had two classes and she is already a professional. Braylon, of course picked out the blue and gold color scheme. Thanks Auntie makes me tired just writing about all the fun you guys crammed into one day. I know Bray had a blast.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


This morning when Braylon woke up, he took his builder (pull-up) off and started looking through his underwear drawer. He then announced that "all of those underwear are too small"...that he "grew bigger" and now he needs "Cowboy size underwear". He is such a nut! I have no idea where he comes up with some of this stuff. But while we are on the subject, (I hope I don't jinx him) Braylon has only had one accident in a week! It has been joyous in our household this week.
I have no picture so I'll post a flash back picture from his 1st Birthday.

Wow, he has grown!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day 2008

We spent Father's Day at Drew's parents in Spencer. We had a wonderful time. Mom and Dad were able to come and spend part of the weekend with us and Boo Boo cooked a ton of yummy food. The Weekley's bought a portable fire pit and we had a great time sitting around the fire Saturday evening. Braylon (as you can tell by how dirty he is), loved playing outside in the yard.
The Weekley Men
Me and My Dad (now thats a pair of foreheads)
Braylon and Papaw

Braylon and PaPaw

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Jackson Reanna

My little girl has graduated.
Isn't she the cutest graduate you have ever seen?
After the ceremony, Reanna's brother Jamie made sure we were coming to the party (I wouldn't have missed it for the world). He said that it was pirate themed and that he had decorated the cake. With Jamie, you never know if he is serious or not...he was. He even put Reanna's nickname on the cake, which takes some explaining: Reanna loved to sing and perform when she was little. She especially loved an old Jackson 5 tape that she acquired. She would have Jamie introduce her as Jackson Reanna, then she would run into the room, hop onto the fireplace, and sing for us. She was so adorable and she still is. On top of her beauty, this kid has the sweetest, funnest personality. I am so proud of her and wish her all the best! Jamie bought foam pirate swords...the kids loved them....
So did some of us adults.

The wonders of Poe

Sunset over Summersville Lake.
PaPaw David's boy.
Braylon LOVED helping PaPaw catch the frogs that were trying to get into MaMaw's pool.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Photo Spread

I had Braylon's 3-year pictures made at Sears in Bridgeport last Friday evening. The girl who took the pictures, Kerra, did a great job!...I highly recommend her. Even the "bad" ones were better than some pictures I have had made elsewhere. I had a terrible time choosing and ended up spending way too much money. But I have never spent a lot on professional photographs before and I told Drew this will be his big sha-bang before the school picture days start, to which he replied, yeah, until you like his 4-year pictures, which could be true. But check them out and see why I had to spend a lot of cash.


Well, everyone warned me that I was living in the "bad" part of town. It finally happened...thieves have struck and they are not going to be content until they have stolen every last strawberry! When we first noticed these little monsters I called my dad and said, "Will groundhogs eat our strawberries?" to which my dad replied "Yes, go get your gun and shoot them!" Well I have no gun, I would not kill a groundhog if I did, and I don't think folk living downtown would care to much for the sound of a gun going off. So when we went to Poe this weekend, Dad sent me home with a box trap. Braylon and I set it Monday evening and awoke Tuesday with a captive, but it wasn't a groundhog- it was a raccoon. So I guess we have groundhogs during the day and raccoons at night to contend with. The worst part was that we had to release the raccoon and reset the trap all before we left for work Tuesday morning. It was a frightening experience and Andrew was the one doing all the work. Let me just say that I am rethinking my stance on catching/relocating verses killing wild animals. That raccoon was vicious! Braylon thought the whole ordeal was wonderful.