Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hot Lunch

In nearly a year of preschool I have never heard from Braylon what he actually has to eat at school... Nearly every day on our way home, I ask: "What did you have for lunch today?", to which Bray always gives some off the wall answer. I have been meaning to take a week long inventory of what Braylon tells me he has to eat at school and post it on here, but I never seem to remember once we get home. Well, I am going to start with today's and then post more later.
Me: "What did you have to eat for lunch today, Braylon?"
Bray: "Dog bones. Miss Wanda loves to feed us dog bones. Oh yeah, and bathtubs."

Lucky for Braylon's school, I know that he is full of it!

Hair-Raising Good Time (More Bray and Paige)

John, Stephanie, and Paige took us to play at a very nice park, real close to their house.
We all had a blast, even though the tunnel had a lot of static electricity.

Paige and Braylon...I know you will hate me for these pictures when you get older, but I just could not help it.

I love this one of my little man.

And this one of Paige.

My search for the "perfect picture" of me and Bray continues. Notice how one of his eyes was peeking open...this eyes-closed was not an accident. Oh, that squirt!

Stephanie and Paige


Play Date With Paige

We had a wonderful play-date with this little darling the weekend before last.
After they had played with almost every toy in Paige's room, Stephanie and I took the kids outside while we waited on John and Drew to get back from playing basketball. The kids played on Paige's slide a little and played some ball, but mostly they drew with sidewalk evidenced by Paige's chalk covered face above. (Look at how long Paige's hair is!!!)

Steph and I helped the kids draw pictures of each other and then Braylon came back and re-touched them to add the incredibly long eyelashes.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

More Funk

Another gross picture alert...we have had too many of these lately. I got a call from Bray's school on Tuesday that I needed to come pick him up because they thought he had pink eye. I could not believe how bad they looked in the six hours between when I dropped him off and when I came to get him. They weren't as bad as these pictures though. These were Tuesday night, when they were at their nasty. Poor little guy.
Sorry for all the yucky pictures lately. I have some very nice, cute pictures from our play-date with Paige to come soon....after I get back from Toronto.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter Sunday Best

Me and my baby, who isn't a baby anymore. I can not believe he will be four years old next month.
My handsome men.

Doing their famous wink and click.

All dressed up with Boo Boo and Papaw.

Braylon sure cleans up nice!

But the ornery still shines through!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter Morning

At Christmas when we saw Santa at the mall, he gave Braylon a picture to color and leave for him on Christmas Eve. Braylon was upset when he got up Christmas morning and Santa had "taken" his picture with him back to the North Pole. So for Easter, Bray colored this picture (its an Easter egg in case you could not tell) for the Easter Bunny, but I had to leave instructions for the Easter Bunny not to take the picture with him...just to look.

The loot!

The traditional (in my family at least) picture with your Easter basket.

Bray loved this giant egg-shaped lollipop. Here he is taking a big, giant pretend lick of it as soon as he got it out of his basket. He has been working on it since Easter and it looks exactly the same...It might still be around by next Easter.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Egg Hunt 2009

This last one was Braylon's exhausted face after finding all those Easter eggs.

More From Boo Boo and Papaw's House

Braylon and the Grandparents...what a smile!

Playing golf with Papaw.

Boo Boo had this beautiful tulip patch in full bloom.

Braylon and his Mama. I was much more excited about getting my picture taken with him than he was about getting his picture taken with me.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Camera Hater

This series of shots illustrates so well what you go through to get a picture when you have a boy.

Coloring Easter Eggs

This year we went down to see Boo Boo and Papaw for Easter. We had tons of fun coloring Easter eggs on Saturday morning.

Putting the eggs in to boil.

At first he was very proud of what he was creating. But it didn't take long for him to get bored with it this year. I think it may have been the fact that he had already colored eggs at school earlier in the week.
Braylon and Boo Boo.
Once the eggs were finished, I started putting them in a basket and I accidentally dropped and cracked one. Braylon broke into tears like the world was over. I apologized and explained that it was just an accident. I had to give him a kiss and keep saying sorry...he almost sent me to time out. But luckily he did not make plans to sell me. That has been a recent thing. When he gets really upset about something (we have been past the hitting me phase for awhile now) but now his face turns red and he clinches his fists and shouts "I'm going to sell you, Mom!" So far, I am still around. Usually within a few minutes he comes around and hugs and kisses me and says "I won't really sell are a good Mommy." It is almost sweet enough to make the earlier tantrum worth it...Almost!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Signs of Spring

Playing in the sandbox.
Finding worms.
Easter egg tree.
And mowing the lawn with Daddy.