Tuesday, March 31, 2009

More Pictures from Poe

At MaMaw Helen's house a couple of weekends ago my cousin Kristy noticed that all of the "little" grandkids were there and we decided to get a picture....or at least try. JoLee, as you can tell, was very excited about the whole group picture idea.
Take 1
Take 2
Take 3
I gave up.

Saturday morning- chillin' with MaMaw

Saturday afternoon- farming with PaPaw

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Whats Cuter Than a Hound Puppy?

Braylon's reaction to them.
Dad's coon-hound had 10 puppies (well actually 14 but 4 of them didn't make it) a few weeks ago. Braylon and I couldn't wait to get down to see them.

Warm Out Today

It was so nice out today. Braylon and I couldn't wait to get home from school/work and break out his sand box. One day last week, when the weather got into the 70s, we took April along with us for a picnic at the park. Braylon took his shoes off (yes, Mom and Dad I let him be barefoot outside prior to the 1st of May) and played in the sandbox.

Braylon insisted that April, get in and take her shoes off too.
Braylon and April made a beautiful dry-sand, sandcastle complete with a moat. And yes, that handful of sand did come flying at me just as I took the picture...Squirt!
After the picnic and playing at the park, April treated us to some gelato at Colasessano's. Braylon loved the Strawberry.
I mean really loved it!

Something Special

I looked and looked for the perfect bedding for Braylon's room and could find nothing that I liked. So my wonderful, talented MaMaw Helen (Bray's great-grandma) made Braylon this one of a kind, hand-quilted WVU/Sports quilt for his bed, complete with three throw pillows. We all love it! Thanks MaMaw Bug!

St. Patty's Day

Inspired by Braylon's teachers at preschool, we started a new holiday tradition. This year the night before St. Patrick's Day, a Leprechaun sneaked into Braylon's room and played with his toys. Although sneaky and messy, our Leprechaun was at least polite enough to leave Bray a note thanking him for letting him play with his toys.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dancing With The Bray

Monday night we got Braylon all ready for bed and then he reported that he felt hungry and asked to finish eating a pear that he had started earlier in the evening. So we went out to the living room and turned on the TV...Dancing With the Stars was on and Braylon was mesmerized. He loved it!...the dancing...the barely clothed beautiful women...the judge, Bruno (I think that is his name), who Braylon thought was absolutely hilarious...and the numbers that they held up to give their score...Braylon absolutely LOVED the whole thing. He begged to stay up to watch the whole show (we let him). As soon as it was over he ran back to his room to get on a "dancing outfit".
Not sure why the backpack was necessary...must have been some student-cowboy themed dance.
This move shows off the arm flare that he creatively manufactured out of a paper towel. Have I mentioned that my son is an absolute nut? He must get it from his Daddy!

Fun with the family

This past weekend we finally made it down to Boo Boo and Papaw's house for a visit.
We had a wonderful time.
The family...

The dog (who is getting huge by the way)...

A little baseball...

Walks over the hill with Boo Boo...

And playing Pirates with Papaw....
Lots of fun!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Monday, March 2, 2009

Just a Couple of Old Geezers

Mom was so excited to get Dad with this surprise party! Dad was a really good sport and I think very happy to see all the people who turned out to celebrate with him.
With 50 candles, it was a good thing the party was at the fire department.
Someone got Dad these Old Geezer glasses and of course Dad had to ham it up and turn his hat around backwards...too funny!
Old Geezer number 2.

Oh No...The Big 5 - 0

I taught Braylon this little saying a few days before we headed down for Dad's 50th Birthday party. Braylon used it to perfection!PaPaw being PaPaw...a real good sport about everything. Even the stick of dynamite candle and the silly Over the Hill Party hat.
Doesn't Jo look excited to be getting a picture with PaPaw?

Dad with the Bald Guyz sunscreen for bald heads that Mom got him. This day was fun, but it was just the fake party to throw him off about the big surprise birthday bash the next day. (Pictures to come).

Not a very good picture, but this is Dad opening the special gift Braylon picked out for him...a toy leopard.