Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trick or Treat Warm Up

While we were in Poe we did a little early trick or treating to some of the family since we would not be there on Halloween. Braylon, of course, was Luke Skywalker, JoLee wore my majorette uniform that I wore when I was in Kindergarten and called herself a Ton Girl (short for baton), and although he was not prepared for the practice trick or treat and didn't have a real costume, Caden still made a good zombie. Trick or treating at MaMaw and PaPaw's which involved mom and dad pretending they had no idea what was going on while the kids got dressed then us going out side and then ringing the door bell. Mom answered with her best surprised look and the little ones thought they had really tricked them. Then we went to MaMaw Edith and PaPaw Otto' Braylon's world they are known for their candy. In fact as we were leaving and I told them to come visit us sometime, Bray looked over my shoulder and said: "And bring some candy...we don't have any candy at our house, just some mints."
Braylon getting a drink out of PaPaw Otto's famous dipper.
Bray and MaMaw Edith.
Next stop MaMaw Helen's house.
My MaMaw has the best laugh...glad I caught this one.
JoLee and Braylon pumping themselves full of candy.
JoLee after the sugar rush wore off.

Down on the Farm

We went to Poe last weekend to see the family and for the community Halloween party. While we were there Braylon got to check out "New Charlie's" babies.
Braylon also got to spend some time with a couple of his favorite people, his cousins JoLee and Caden.
Here is New Charlie with her babies piled on her. The other 6 of her 11 were under her. (The original Charlie met a tragic end in a raccoon related incident.)

Caden and Dad's billy goat, JoMo. Caden has been a little afraid of JoMo ever since he used his head/horns and picked up the trampoline while Caden was on it...I would be afraid too!

With Bray it only takes a baby chick to put a big smile on his face.

JoLee and Braylon...Too funny...I love this one!

Braylon had to try out JoLee's pink headband, but before I snapped the picture he said "wait" and went and got the rat to put on his put an end to any question of his "all boy" status the head band may have brought up.
Oh, I love this kid...and love our trips to Poe!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Fall + Farm + Friends = Fun

Paula and Lydia invited us to go to Rich Farms with them yesterday. We had a blast! I have tons of pictures...I'll try to narrow it down some, but just warning you, there was so much to do and the kids were so cute...I have a lot of "must post" pictures. Here are Bray and Lydia on the hay-less hayride. It took us all around the farm and was pulled by a big tractor. The hayride stopped at a corn field and let the kids get off and pick an ear of Indian corn. Here is Braylon trying to pick his corn.
Picking corn is harder than you think.
Taking a look at his prize.
At this point Braylon realized that the corn had red, brown, orange, and black kernels.
Bray kept saying "yuck". I think he thought he was supposed to eat it. Lydia and Braylon posing for their picture crazy mommies by the corn field.
Paula and Lydia
Me and Bray...look how long he is.

Braylon and Lydia also went for a ride on this little train, which was pulled around the play area of the farm by this lawn tractor.

Funny story: Paula and I loaded the kids into the train, strapped them into their seat belts and stood back and watched them go. The group of parents in the picture above followed the train all around the farm running when they had to to keep up...the one mom never let go of her little girl's hand. About half way through the ride, when we realized what they were doing Paula and I questioned if we were bad parents for not following along too...but honestly, it never crossed my mind until Paula pointed out that the other parents were doing it...but Bray and Lydia made it back safe and sound and they will probably develop into very independent, self-reliant adults....
Bray waving goodbye as they pulled out of the station. Lydia just chillin' as they pulled back in.

Braylon and Lydia heading through the corn maze on their way to the pumpkin patch.
First things first, lets feed this pony a pumpkin.
Lydia checks out the selection.
Braylon with pumpkin 14 of the 1,364 pumpkins he picked up before he finally decided on one.

I just think this is such a pretty picture with the blue sky, trees, fence, and corn in the back ground

I love this picture of Lydia and Paula too...Unlike Braylon, Lydia didn't have to touch quite every pumpkin in the patch before she made her selection and headed out. Finally Braylon settled on a pumpkin and we high tailed it out of there before he changed his mind again. Braylon pointing out the way back through the corn maze.

Hay Mountain

A beautiful ending to a very beautiful day.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Harvest Fest

Yesterday evening Braylon and I went to the Harvest Festival hosted by a local church. It was very impressive...loads of stuff for the kids to do...all for free. Braylon had a blast. He loved all the bouncy tents. I didn't get many pictures and the flash in these is bad, but you can tell how much fun Bray was having.

Emperial Guard?

Yesterday Braylon, Drew, and I got to have lunch with April and some of her family. After lunch April, her mom, and her grandma came over to see the house and meet Lando. Anna brought Braylon a Halloween treat bag which had some Star Wars stickers in it. (I hate that I forgot to get pictures while everyone was here!) After they left Bray covered himself in stickers and went down stairs. I heard something going on and came down stairs to check on him.... I found him on "guard" in the toy closet and I was instructed to "go away".
According to Braylon these stickers made it impossible for him to fall down when bad guys tried to kill him. Not that I want to blame all of Braylon's negative behaviors on Day Care, but since he started Day Care and is around a lot of other boys (and by a lot of boys I mean probably 15 out of the 20 kids in his class are boys) he has become very into playing guns and bad guys and killing. Now this did start, somewhat, before he started school, but I think his continued interest is related to his new playmates.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Braylon and Lando

Well just a couple of days after I posted that Lando just thinks that Braylon is his toy, I came down stairs to find them cuddled up together...I guess Lando knows Bray is his person after all.