Saturday, October 31, 2009

More Halloween

There's nothing like pumpkin guts to say Halloween!

Our finished Jack!
Spider Man...check out that Spider Man crouch!

The Spider...the hat that came with the costume would not stay on her head and she was not a big fan of the spider headband.

Happy Halloween!

Look what we woke up to this morning!

We took these last night.

Our Boo!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mothers of Boys

Mothers of boys get to open their silverware drawer and find a stack of tags that have been cut off of their son's underwear (and collected by said son) placed nicely on their forks....Well, maybe not all mothers...only mothers of quirky little boys like mine. I love you Braylon and all of your kooky quirks!
Braylon and I are home sick today...he woke with "the gunk" and a high fever.

Old Car Blues

I had no idea that Braylon had any feelings about/attachment to my Nissan Altima, until this occurred:
We decided to trade my car in before 1. Winter arrives and I can't get around and 2. It hit 100,000 miles. We took the new car for a test drive and spent about an hour in the dealership working out the deal with no clue from Braylon that he would be at all upset.

But when we went out to the Altima to clean out all of our stuff, Braylon's eyes filled up with tears and he asked, "Www, wwwh, what are you doing?" Then yelled "I don't waaaaant to leave our car behind!" and then the dam broke and he sobbed for a good 15 minutes. He accepted the Frisbee the frightened salesman gave him, but did not let up. He accepted the balloon the now horrified salesman quickly inflated, but still the tears kept coming.

He insisted on getting a picture with the car before we left it, but as you can see, even that did not make him feel any better. He fell asleep on the way home with tear streaks down his cheeks.
Drew and I love the new ride. Bray has accepted it.

Monday, October 5, 2009

That's My Baby!

Can you get any cuter than this?
Paige and Braylon love on each other so much.
But I have to say, Paige was a little more into Braylon than he was into her this last visit....I have a feeling the tables are going to turn some day.

Ahhhh....aren't we cute!

Braylon has been so into playing football lately. He plays with me, he plays with Drew, he plays with MaMaw and PaPaw and with Boo Boo and Papaw, he plays with Lando, he plays by himself, he even pretends to play when he doesn't even have a ball. For Christmas he has asked for a football helmet of every NFL and college team he knows. He has been saying that when he goes to college he is going to play for the Mountaineers, then when he goes Pro, he is going to play for the Cincinnati Bengals. I tell him silly, Mama things like "I will cheer for you: 'That's my Baby'!" and that "if you get hurt I will run onto the field and kiss your boo boos." He already laughs, kind of rolls his eyes and says no to that second one and tells me: "No mom, the coach won't allow any mommies on the field." But he also tells me that he will fly me out to watch all his games...that he even plans to build me my own airplane. We have also been talking about him building me a house next door to him in whatever city he lives in...I am trying to get him to agree to it while he is still too little to understand the full ramifications of such a promise.

The Guys

We have been enjoying another season of Mountaineer football! Check out this group of guys I got to sit with at the game! Braylon's Uncle Louie (a.k.a George III) came in for the Colorado game a couple of weeks ago.

Braylon and Papaw at the game. Braylon has a little popcorn kernel on his tongue from the yummy kettle corn Bray and Boo Boo have Papaw to buy for him.

Boo Boo gave up her ticket and let me go to the game with the guys but here is a picture of her and Braylon after the game.

Then these are from Papaw's Birthday early in September.

Drew jumped on Papaw to give him a crazy Birthday hug and Braylon had to join in on the mischief!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Heee Heee Heee

He'll hate me when he is older, but isn't this hilarious!
Poor little guy. This was the first time he fell asleep in the car since moving up to his big boy booster-only car seat. He has done much better the last couple of trips.

Note: I should not laugh, because I sleep with my mouth wide open just like this.

Oh No! The Big 5-0!

Mom turned 50 in August and we had her a surprise party on 8/22/09. It was a lot of fun!

We were pretty mean to her, and she loved every minute of it!

Bray, enjoying his cake and ice cream! It is kind of hard to tell in the picture, but if you look closely you can see that Braylon, who was supposedly being monitored by my brother, was eating his ice cream in a way only my Bray would dream up. He had brought some plastic bugs to play with prior to the party while I decorated...Well, at cake time, while I was getting pictures, I found him dipping a plastic bug (which had been who knows where) into his melting ice cream then sticking it in his mouth and sucking the ice cream off. He is so rotten, but you gotta love the chocolate ice cream face!