Sunday, July 14, 2013

Day 13: Wednesday, 6/19/13

We drove through the Bad Lands the day before but we had to get in some climbing before we left. 



 Although it looks like it, Braylon wasn't up there alone; Drew was behind one of those peaks up there somewhere.
 We drove through a good bit of Iowa, but didn't really stop anywhere.  It was a lot like Kansas: flat and windy.
 Cool bridge, somewhere in Iowa.
 We crossed a bridge and went about a mile just so we could say we had been in was one of the states few states Andrew had never been in.  Just by chance, where we happened to cross and pull in to set foot in Nebraska was at a Lewis and Clark expedition museum.  The building was closed for the night, but we did get to check out a replica of the ship they used. 

Sunset on our last night in the RV.  We dropped it off the next morning, hopped back in our car and headed back to Wild, Wonderful West Virginia!

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