Thursday, July 11, 2013

Day 11: Monday, 6/17/13

RV life....

Have I mentioned, I love Wyoming?!

Lots of antelope along the road on the East side of Wyoming and into South Dakota.

Even spotted some elk.

These were the biggest turkey I have ever seen....I thought they were ostriches at first....
they were huge!

The highways in South Dakota were pink...they definitely used something different in their pavement.  Also, you can see the dark sky...this was the only day we ran into any rain. It sprinkled on us a little before we drove out of the storm's path and back into beautiful weather. 


Devil's Tower

This has always and continues to be a sacred place for the Native American Indians.  They leave prayer ribbons or prayer clothes in the trees surrounding the rock. 

Loved the trail around the tower.

Every side looks a little different.

I love this one.

We climbed around on the "loose" rock at the bottom, but with a special permit, you can climb to the top. 

Prairie dog village at the grassy bottom as you enter the Devil's Tower area.

Mount Rushmore at night...very cool, but I wish my camera would have done a little better job with the night time pics...

As you drive from Mount Rushmore toward the Crazy Horse memorial, you get a profile view of George Washington...again not a great picture and though we got to see Crazy Horse, it was too dark to get a pic.

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